Business Analysis

Hidasi Consulting Group can identify your business needs, determine solutions to business problems, streamline business practices and show the strengths and weaknesses within your business. We analyze and critique the various functions of your business including management, finance, marketing, IT, operations, etc. in order to improve your company’s productivity and efficiency. Solutions often include process improvement, organizational change, strategic planning and corporate policy development.

There are three phases that we use in order to better evaluate your company:

Phase 1 - Why? - This phase is about fact finding and involves an analysis that examines your business.

Phase 2 - Work - In this phase we develop a plan, which the company approves and implements.

3 - Working? - This is the final phase, where we confirm that all requirements of the implemented changes are working according to the plan.

Hidasi Consulting Group can help your company to optimize its day to day operations and evaluate the structure of its business. By scrutinizing the various operational procedures of the business and finding solutions, we will help your company to function efficiently and profitably.