Business Operations Consulting

Hidasi Consulting Group can help your company by restructuring your existing operation or by designing a new system in order to streamline your business and reduce your labor and operating costs. If your company has any type of manufacturing, logistics, distribution, fulfillment, store operations or order processing requirements we can provide you with a solution on how to increase order processing speed and  quantity, company profitability and customer satisfaction.

We can provide your company with services such as:

Operations and Process Analysis -
Detailed documentation of your company’s current procedures from supplier to customer and at all levels of the system.

Benchmarking - Comparing your company against the competition in your industry based on such criteria as inventory levels, quality, performance, delivery, cycle time and system applications.

Product/Information Flow Mapping -
Mapping and critiquing the operations process, in order to scrutinize its effectiveness along a number of dimensions and to identify critical elements in the process and locate potential areas for improvement.

Process Improvement
- Designing a program that focuses on how to improve operational processes, business application understanding, workflow, operations cycle time, material handling, reduction of non-value added activities, maximizing value added business processes and documentation.

Implementation Support
- Providing project management and implementation coordination for systems, process, methods, layout and handling of improvement programs. Supervision that guarantees the planned process and systems are implemented per their design.