US Green Card and Europe Residency

Hidasi Consulting Group offers United States Green Card and Europe Residency Permit services to clients from all over the world. For many, this can be a stressful and lengthy process. We provide consultation to clients on the process of applying for a green card in the United States and a residency permit in the European Union.

Our services include:
• Conducting initial assessments of potential applicants to ensure their
   application eligibility.
• Assisting clients with commonly encountered problems.
• Assisting clients with any additional necessary procedures and follow-up

Common types of Green Card applications in the United States:

Green Card Renewal or Replacement
A Green Card, also known as an Alien Registration Card or Permanent Resident Card, is generally only valid for ten years and must be renewed prior to its expiration.

Green Card - Family Based
For a Family-Based Green Card you must be sponsored by a family member in the U.S. If the sponsor is a U.S. citizen, then he or she must be the foreign applicant's husband or wife, mother or father, brother or sister or son or daughter. If the sponsor is a Lawful Permanent Resident "Green Card Holder", then he or she must be the foreign applicant's spouse or child.

Green Card - Employment Based
For an Employment-Based Green Card, a foreign applicant must be sponsored by a qualifying United States employer. For most employer sponsors they must submit a Labor Certification Application. The Labor Certification is a test of the labor market to determine whether there are any qualified U.S. workers who are willing to do the job that is offered to the foreign applicant. Only employers who are unable to find qualified U.S. workers to fill the vacant position may sponsor a foreign national for a Green Card through the Labor Certification process.

When applying for a Green Card or permit it is important that you file with the most current forms. Expired or outdated forms submitted may result in denial of your application.