Marketing Plans

Hidasi Consulting Group can develop a powerful  marketing plan for you in order to effectively bring your products or services to the market place and increase your sales and profits. Introducing new products or services or selling the current ones is a major hurdle for most businesses. Often companies have products or services people want or need but have no strategy on how to sell them to potential customers.

The key components to a good marketing plan are market analysis and market strategies.

A good market analysis will help you match your products or services to the needs of your customers. It profiles the strengths, weaknesses and unique selling plans of competitors in the market you want to compete in. It also gives you a look at what your current and potential customers are looking for and how they make their buying decisions. Components of this analysis usually include market size, segments, growth characteristics, competitors, customers, buying trends and trends for the future. 

Marketing strategies and tactics match your product or services to the needs of a niche or an entire market segment based on your company’s capabilities and the needs of the market. Components of marketing strategies include pricing, distribution, channel penetration, advertising, public relations, tradeshows, internet, representatives, television ads, telemarketing, direct mail, etc.

Hidasi Consulting Group can assist you in developing clear marketing plans to reach your targeted market, segments, channels and customers. We can also help your company implement this plan by finding you the right advertising media, location, staff or any other products or services your business may require.

Typical structure for a marketing plan includes:

Executive Summary
Situation Analysis
   o Climate (Macro environment)
   o Market Analysis
   o Company Analysis
   o Customer Analysis
   o Competitor Analysis
Marketing Strategies
Selected Marketing Strategy
   o Product
   o Price
   o Distribution (Place)
   o Promotion
Short & Long Term Projections