US and Europe Student Visa and Permit

Hidasi Consulting Group offers United States and Europe student visa services to clients from all over the world. For many, this can be a stressful and lengthy process. We provide consultation to clients on the process of applying for a student visa in the United States and European Union.

Our services include:
• Conducting initial assessments of potential applicants to ensure their
   application eligibility.
• Assisting clients with commonly encountered problems.
• Assisting clients with any additional necessary procedures and follow-up

Common types of student visa applications in the United States:

F-1 Visa, Academic Student Visa
The F-1 visa is for students who are interested in obtaining a full-time degree or attending an academic program at a school, college, or university approved by the U.S. Government in compliance with the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS). The F-1 visa also permits students to work on campus and in some cases off campus. It is usually valid until the student's course of study is completed but often offers a possibility for an Optional Practical Training(OPT) period of a year or less.

M-1 - Vocational Student Visa
The M-1 visa applies to students who would like to enroll in a non-academic or a vocational program of study. The M-1 visa differs from the F-1 visa in that it is valid for only one year but extensions for up to three years can be applied for. Some examples of "vocational study" would be a language program, cooking classes, technical studies or cosmetology program.

J-1 Exchange Visitor Visa
The J-1 exchange visa is for cultural exchange purposes. This is for individuals who wish to participate on a temporary basis in certain programs as a teacher, professor, research scholar, trainee, intern, university student; nonacademic specialist, camp counselor, foreign physician, au pair or summer student in a travel/work program.

When applying for a visa or permit it is important that you file with the most current forms. Expired or outdated forms submitted may result in denial of your application.